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Cottage by the Sea | The Inspiration Behind The Book

May 1, 2018

My book, Cottage by the Sea, was inspired by a major landslide in Oso, Washington in 2014.  Having such a tragic and life-changing event happen so quickly, randomly, and so close to home left a mark on my heart.  As I followed the subsequent news stories surrounding this tragedy and the loss of forty-three lives, I began to put myself in their shoes, particularly those who were left behind to mourn.  The depth of loss and grief must have been incredibly difficult for these families.  From this, I began to build a plot around a lone survivor who wasn’t home when a mudslide took her entire family.


As a writer, I couldn’t help wondering about family members who weren’t at home at the time—those who escaped death only to be left behind. My heroine lost her entire family and is now alone in the world, seeking out a place she can call home. And isn’t that what we’re all searching for—home?


I hope you enjoy Cottage by the Sea, and that it brings you hope for reclaiming the light after darkness.

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