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The Best Is Yet to Come | Inspiration Behind the Book

July 26, 2022

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a storyteller. It doesn’t take much for my imagination to kick into gear. The idea for The Best Is Yet to Come was inspired by a Sunday morning news program. It must have been around Memorial Day, as an Army general was being interviewed. He talked about the valiant men who served under him with heart and passion, mentioning several who had died in service to our country. And this is what got me.  =He looked straight into the camera and said, “Live a life worthy of their sacrifice.” Right then and there I knew I wanted to write a wounded warrior story, and that’s how The Best Is Yet to Come happened.

I actually thought The Best Is Yet to Come would be my last book and that I would ease into retirement. But then I had a really good idea for another story. Writing is such a big part of who I am that I doubt I’ll ever give it up entirely. The best for me is yet to come it seems, as Wayne and I travel. We bought an RV this summer and adventure awaits us.

The Best Is Yet to Come by Debbie Macomber

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