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Scalloped Christmas Ornaments

December 6, 2018

These pretty scalloped ornaments are a perfect way to customize your Christmas tree. Choose your favorite glittery or patterned paper, and get started! Doing a themed tree this year? This is a perfect way to incorporate a theme and not spend big bucks on a whole set of new ornaments.

Start by punching circles out of your cardstock (or cut circles with scissors). Pictured is a 1.5” diameter circle punch.

Cut each circle in half.

Assemble your workstation – A foolproof way is to put the ornament in the mouth of a mason jar, so your work area is always upright and the glue can also dry without being disturbed.

On the back side of your paper, draw a line of hot glue along the bottom of the straight edge.

Glue the first three in a loose triangle with curved sides in, centered to the bottom of the ornament (as pictured above in top three photos). Glue the next three so that each is centered on a point of the triangle, overlapping slightly (as pictured in the bottom left photo). Glue the next three to fill in the holes and complete the second layer (as pictured in the bottom middle photo). Flip the ornament over, and continue to build your layers, overlapping slightly top to bottom and side to side.

Continue to build layers until you cover up all of the bare plastic.



DIY Scalloped Christmas Ornaments

You’ll need:
-Circle hole punch (I used a 1.5” diameter circle punch)
-Clear plastic ball ornaments (pictured are 2.5” in diameter)
-Hot glue gun


Punch about 25 circles (per ornament) from a piece of cardstock paper. Cut those circles in half, creating 50 semicircles.


Using a hot glue gun, glue three semicircles in a triangle on the bottom center of the ornament, with the straight sides facing out. Glue the next three so they are each centered on the points of the triangle and overlapping a little.

Continue to build your layers in this manner, overlapping top to bottom and side to side, until the whole ornament is covered.

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