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2020 Goals

January 3, 2020

I’m a huge proponent of making lists. In fact, one of my own personal commandments is: “Thou shall not be listless.”  I have an old and fading list of all my dreams written on a light-blue notepad, which includes family goals and personal goals, as well as hopes for my career. One of the best ways to stick with your goals is to write them down. Over the years I’ve used a simple goals worksheet, and kept it in a place that I would see it regularly. You can use a goals sheet like mine or make your own. Here are three of my goals for 2020.


1. More time with Wayne and the grandkids which means I may take as many as two to three days a week at home instead of coming into the office.


Wayne and I are at the time in our lives when we are looking forward to traveling and spending more time together. As he likes to say Adventure before dementia. Many of our friends are retired as is Wayne. Because I love being an author, I don’t know that I can ever completely give up writing and so this is a compromise we have struck. 


2. To live on less and to give more.


Wayne and I have had the privilege of traveling with World Vision and witnessed for ourselves the poverty of third world countries. We have been blessed far and away beyond and we feel it is our duty to share the riches God has given us with those in need. This comes with discipline, living on less and giving more.


3. To reject the negative and look for the positive in every situation. As I recently read—No one goes blind looking at the bright side of life.


It is your choices that define the outcome of your days. Choose to fill your day with positivity and beauty.


Here is a sample of what I use, feel free to download and use for yourself!


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