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Succulent Holder | Teacher Gift

August 11, 2019

It’s back to school season! This classroom-themed succulent holder is the perfect gift for that special teacher in your life, to help them usher in the new school year with excitement! 

Supplies: an empty, clean pint carton, potting soil, a variety of succulents, small rocks, a yard stick cut into 3-inch pieces (craft or kitchen scissors work well for this task), and sphagnum moss.

3-13Stack three of the yard stick pieces horizontally up one side of the carton. Draw a line along the whole length of the carton to mark where the pieces stop. Repeat on all sides of the carton.

4-14Cut along your line on all sides.

5-13Place one yard stick piece so it lines up with the bottom and the right side of the carton (it will hang over the left side a little bit); use hot glue to secure.

6-11Repeat with remaining pieces until your whole carton is covered.

7-9Pour rocks about an inch thick in the bottom of your carton. This will help with drainage.

8-9Next, layer about two inches of potting soil.

9-2Plant your succulents. Try to use a variety of heights, shapes, and colors to create an interesting arrangement.

1-18Top with a layer of sphagnum moss for moisture retention, and your beautiful gift is now ready to be given to a special teacher in your life!


Succulent Holder
Makes 1



Pint dairy carton
Yard stick, cut into 3-inch pieces with sharp scissors
Hot glue gun
Small rocks
Potting soil
Sphagnum moss


Wash and dry your empty pint dairy carton. Stack three of the yard stick pieces up one side of the carton, and mark a line along the top of the yard stick. Repeat on remaining three sides of the carton. Remove yard stick pieces and cut along your lines.


Line up your first yard stick piece so it is even with the bottom and right side of your carton (it will hang over the left side slightly). Use hot glue to secure it in place. Repeat with remaining yard stick pieces, always aligning to the right side of your carton.


Fill the inside of the carton with about 1 inch rocks, then about 2 inches potting soil. Plant your succulents in the soil, then top with a layer of sphagnum moss.


Water once or twice per week, letting the soil dry thoroughly between waterings.

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