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Welcome Home Digital Magazine

April 6, 2019

I’ve always considered my readers my friends.  You know me through my books, and I come to know you through your comments and letters.  I’ve taken to heart what you say and as a result you have guided me and my stories.  So many of the highlights of my writing career can be attributed to your wise and thoughtful observations.


Over the years I’ve heard from so many of you about reaching the end of one of my books, and not wanting to say goodbye. There were so many times I also wanted the stories to continue. I still have so many stories to tell, characters to develop, and locations to revisit and I want to share them here with you in this special new digital magazine format- Welcome Home.


I have decided to listen to you once again and launch a digital magazine with a series of short stories that will revisit the characters and locations that you have come know and love. Stories from Cedar Cove, Rose Harbor Inn, the Texas and North Dakota series. You’ll revisit characters from the dozens of books I’ve written through the years, many of which have been republished time and again. There is no storage of ideas. 


In the March edition, the first short story features Teresa, a character from Cottage by the Sea. I hope you’ve enjoyed catching up with what’s been happening in Oceanside since our last visit. (You can purchase here.)


This month the short story features Kaylene, a character from the book A Girl’s Guide to Moving On. In the book Kaylene is a young teen but she’s all grown up now and has fallen in love for the first time. Included in the magazine is my book recommendation for the month and a short travel journal of Wayne’s and my trip to Antarctica. (You can purchase here.)


For those of you who joined us on this magazine journey—thank you. Your faith in me is inspiring and I can’t wait for you to report back!

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