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Set Up A Beautiful Writing Space At Home

April 30, 2018

When you sit down to write, you enter a sacred space where your thoughts and creativity come to life on the pages in front of you. Whether you are jotting down notes in your journal or crafting the next best-selling novel, here are some ideas you can use to set up a spot that speaks to you.

Setting the Tone

In a room with a door, in a corner of the living room or in small nook under the stairs, wherever you write can impact how you write, so designing a place that brings joy and inspires you is as essential to your process as paper and pens. As long as it makes you happy, you are in the right spot. And every time you enter this space, do a little something special. I brew my favorite tea, put my blessings in my journal and focus on my word of the year. You could light a candle, turn on some music or simply take a breath, you’ll feel centered, focused and ready to begin.

Make A Scene

Start with your desk. Choose one that you can’t wait to sit at, like my writing desk. The light color and curved lines are distinctly feminine but it is balanced by a solid wood foundation. Now, add a chair that is comfortable and supportive. As a writer, you will likely spend a lot of time on your tush, so while pretty ones look fabulous, a good quality chair is really necessary because you can’t create if you are uncomfortable. Lastly, use a neutral palette on the walls and trim for a calming and inviting environment, adding color pops like these pretty dark pink flowers and cozy knitted throw.

Limit Distractions

Try to steer clear of the TV and remove anything on your desk that’s not needed for your writing process. Clearing clutter, like junk mail or paperweights will instantly get you in the right mindset, but if you want to keep some of those items nearby, make sure you have some storage space. My desk has drawers, which are a great place to stash all your important stuff. This way you don’t find yourself focused on them when you should be putting your thoughts on paper.


Try these simple tips and before long you’ll find your writing is inspired by the beautiful surrounding you’ve created.


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