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Plan A Grand Ole July 4th Party

June 25, 2018

Each year family and friends come together across the country to celebrate the summer and America’s birthday. But really this holiday’s nickname should be the Great American Cookout with burgers and pies by the dozen!

As we gather around the grill this year, here are some fun tips, ideas and even recipes to help you get ready for this fun, festive day in honor of that grand ole flag.

Menu for Many

When you’re cooking for a crowd, start with BBQ basics—after all, hamburgers, veggie burgers and hot dogs are everyone’s favorite summertime dishes anyway. If you want to add a little variety, try marinated chicken or even grilled shrimp, but as long as you have these must-haves, your party is already a hit!

Potluck It

Your guests are likely to ask if they can bring something, so why not invite them to join the fun by making their favorite foods! Side dishes and snacks are great ways for people to pitch in, some ideas include chips, baked beans, salad, dessert, drinks or ice. You can even use a site like SignUpGenius so everyone can see what others are making.

Pop Goes Dessert

For a sweet and oh-so festive dessert, you just have to try my 4th of July Rice Krispie Pops recipe. Easy to make, these pops are perfect for the kids to help with and you can make them ahead of time. Plus, they will add a fun flair to any table on the big day.

DIY Décor

Flowers are fabulous for every occasion. Create simple arrangements for outdoor tables using a mason jar, baby’s breath, daisies and greenery. Then add a bright bloom as the finishing touch. You can also let the kids do the decorating for you! Use white rolls of paper as tablecloths and then ask the children to draw fireworks in red and blue markers and crayons—they will be entertained and excited to hang up their masterpieces for all the guests to see.

Get Gaming

Entertain everyone while they eat by arranging an outdoor game area. You can try cornhole, croquet, horseshoes or even set up a volleyball or badminton net. Also, be sure to have a few Frisbees, hula-hoops and beach balls around. And you can never go wrong with bubbles—they are always a hit for ages 1-100!

Sparkle & Shine

If you’re not close to a fireworks display, bring the show to your own home by setting up a sparkler station. Simply fill a basket or galvanized tray with enough sparklers for all guests and make sure you have matches on hand. You can have everyone light their sparklers together to end your celebration with your own firework finale.


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