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Janine Rosche

September 16, 2021

Prone to wander, Janine Rosche finds as much comfort on the open road as she does at home. This longing to chase adventure, behold splendor, and experience redemption is woven into her Madison River Romance series. When she isn’t writing or traveling, she teaches family life education courses to college students, takes too many pictures of her sleeping dogs, and embarrasses her four children and husband with boy band serenades. Janine was recently featured in the September 2021 issue of Welcome Home and generously answered a few questions!

1. Why did you become a writer?
When I was younger, I was always getting in trouble for daydreaming. I couldn’t help but imagine exciting events happening all around me, most of which included a love story. Finally, instead of writing my name on the board, my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Skernolis, asked me to write my daydreams down on paper. Since then, not much has changed except that now I also write to give hope to a hurting world.

2. What inspired your current book?
In my day job, I teach college courses about family, relationships, and community. Some of the most difficult topics involve trauma. Unfortunately, many people believe they are too damaged to have a healthy family life. I want to dispel that myth. Specifically with this book, I’ve marveled at the brave men and women who save others or save themselves from sex trafficking. My hope is that they will know how strong they are and be welcomed into loving communities.

3. What is next for you?
Two more books in the Whisper Canyon romance series (Juniper Promises and Summer above the Pines) pick up where Aspen Crossroads leaves off. The other Haviland siblings have powerful stories to tell, and I can’t wait to share them with readers. Also, on October 1st, the Christmas in Mistletoe Square novella collection releases. My story pays homage to two of my favorite movies: Babes in Toyland and You’ve Got Mail! Until then, readers can chat with me on Facebook and Instagram or


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