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Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

April 25, 2019

This month in the Welcome Home Magazine we invited Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott to talk about their specialty, love. Les and Leslie are relationship experts who have made it their mission to help couples take a closer look at who they are and how they can work alongside each other and achieve a deeper, more connective love. We took the opportunity to ask them a few short questions! Take a look and don’t miss them in their continued features within the Welcome Home Magazine.


What made you both decide to pursue helping others with their relationships?
The first line of our bestselling book, Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts, says, “We never had pre-marriage counseling but we spent our first year of marriage in therapy.” And that’s the truth. As two psychologists, we have learned so much over the years about how to help couples enjoy better love and we are passionate about spreading the news. Our passion from early on in our professional lives remains the same. We want to help others make bad relationships better and good relationships great. That’s what drives us to write our books and it’s what fueled us to build the Better Love Assessment

Do you think couples in any situation can achieve a “better love”?
For sure. It doesn’t matter if you are dating or on-the-edge-of-commitment and just beginning to think about marriage, it’s never too early to discover “better love.” And if you’ve been married for decades, we can help you discover ways to get out of the blahs of well-worn ruts and carve new and energizing grooves in your relationship that will bring you closer together. The bottom line is that every romantic relationship can benefit from new awareness and fresh insights. Nobody is exempt. 

If you could give couples advice in one sentence what would it be?
That’s easy: Your relationship can only be as healthy as you are. That means that the most important thing you ever do for your relationship is to work on who you are in it. As we like to say, “Healthy Me, Healthy Us.” In fact, that’s the name of our upcoming book!  When two people in a relationship are becoming emotionally and spiritually more healthy, their relationship thrives. 

Do you have tips for couples who go through your new online course?
Never before has there been a tool that can provide you with a customized roadmap for lifelong love – a map that is specifically tailored to you and your relationship. With a very small investment of time and money you can reap incredible relationship rewards. So the first “tip” is to simply do it.  And the second is to make it fun. Build a date night around unpacking the information you learn from Better Love. And we’ve made that easy with the Better Love Action Plan that is included with your report. You will laugh while you learn.


Les & Leslie Parrott 2

Say hello to Better Love. Once you both answer a few questions online (takes about 15 minutes) you’ll instantly receive a highly customized 10-page report, your Better Love Assessment Report. In short, you can consider this your personalized roadmap to lifelong love together. It not only highlights your two personalities, it shows you how they mesh. In other words, it helps you perfect the unique dance steps of your specific marriage. And it comes with the Better Love Action Plan, ideally used on a date night (it’s fun!). If you’re interested, you can learn more at

As we psychologists often say, “awareness is curative.” In other words, once you have awareness, you can act on it. And the Better Love Assessment not only increases your awareness together, it deepens your soul-to-soul connection in the process.

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