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DIY Spring Wreath

March 7, 2019

This DIY Spring Wreath is such an easy craft to get your home ready for spring!



  • Grapevine Wreath (mine is 18″)
  • Lamb’s Ear Stems (about 5-6)
  • Assorted Flowers
    • 3-4 larger flower stems, I used dahlias
    • 12-16 smaller flowers, I used mini peony stems in cream and blush
  • Floral Wire Cutter
  • Craft Wire


The best part of this DIY is you can do an assortment of any spring flowers you want. The method of assembly is the same no matter the greenery or flowers you choose. You can swap out the Lamb’s Ear for Eucalyptus stems. Or even add some Cotton stems for a more rustic look! The options are endless; use what inspires you! You can find all the supplies you need at majority of craft stores, I got mine from Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabrics.



Directions To Make Your Spring Wreath:

First cut down your stems to a manageable length with your floral wire cutter.


The first layer is the lamb’s ear. Wrap your craft wire around the stem of your flower and loop it into the wreath to hold everything in place. I didn’t fill it completely, but left space for my larger dahlias.


Then I added the dahlias, using the same process. Finally, I filled in the rest of the spaces with the mini peonies. Once this is complete, feel free to add whatever you feel is needed to make the wreath fuller or complete the look, making sure there are no empty spaces in the wreath.


And you’re done! You can hang the wreath on your front door, on your wall, or place it on your mantel!



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