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Dear Santa | Inspiration Behind the Book

October 27, 2021

Like children everywhere, I wrote Santa letters. To my five-year-old mind, that was the only way the big guy would have a clue what I wanted—or more importantly—absolutely have to have for Christmas. My parents didn’t keep my letters, unlike Lindy’s mom did. Lindy’s the heroine in Dear Santa, and she’s having a rough year. She heads home for Christmas, and in need of a bit of cheer, Lindy’s mother surprises her with those letters.

When it comes to ideas for stories, they come to me in the most surprising ways. The story for Dear Santa was inspired by an eleven-year-old girl who visited my office, because she dreamed of wanting to write books one day herself. She was a delight and reminded me of myself at that age. The impossible dream, the desire that grew within my heart and is now in hers. When I asked when she knew she wanted to be a writer, she said it was when she started writing Santa letters. Like I said, ideas come in the most unexpected ways.


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