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A Mrs. Miracle Christmas | The Inspiration Behind the Book

September 18, 2019

Get ready readers, I am so excited for this book! A Mrs. Miracle Christmas (available on October 1st!) is a book that you have all been asking for. Mrs. Miracle is back and she’s not alone; the angels Shirley, Goodness and Mercy are back too. Each year when I sit down and begin writing my next holiday title, I am inspired by someone or something and the story takes shape from there. This year you all were my inspiration.



One of the many benefits of being an author is hearing from my readers.  You are important to me and have been the guiding force in my career. A request that I repeatedly hear has to do with Mrs. Miracle and my three angels:  Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy. A Mrs. Miracle Christmas involves both!  I’m confident you’re going to enjoy this visiting angel as she comes to help an elderly woman, her granddaughter and husband, celebrate the best Christmas ever.


This book stands on its own but if you want to meet Mrs. Miracle and the angels before reading this book you can start reading today:


Miracle Series

1996-10 - Mrs. Miracle - 2017 Trade


Angel Series

1993-12 - A Season of Angels - 2011 ed





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