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3 Steps to Your Own Herb Garden

April 27, 2018

Fresh herbs can truly transform any meal into something so much more. And the best part is that you can create a mini-herb garden right in your kitchen so you don’t even have to walk to the backyard to spice up your signature dishes!


All you need is a windowsill with plenty of light and you are ready to get started. Just follow these three simple steps and pretty soon, you will be garnishing your foods with fresh herbs.

STEP ONE: Decide

First choose what flavors you like. Basil, cilantro, dill, oregano and sage, as well as Debbie’s favorites, rosemary and thyme, all do well in a window setting. Plus, they all grow wonderfully when you start from seeds or purchase small plants so you can do what makes you feel most comfortable. Next, pick out individual pots for each herb. You can opt for a traditional pot or a pretty ceramic design, just be sure there are drainage holes and waterproof saucers.


Fill containers with a potting mix, or a combination of seed-starting soil and potting soil.  Be sure to avoid garden soil, it can be too heavy and may contain disease organisms. If starting with seeds, sow them according to the packet to determine the planting depth. If using plants, opt for compact or dwarf varieties to best fit your space,


Place your garden in a sunny window, south-facing whenever possible. And remember to steer leaves away from cold windows to prevent breakage. Water each day, keeping the soil moist, but not soggy, and drain saucers after watering. Fertilize every two weeks with a half-strength solution of an all-purpose fertilizer. Pinch back branching plants, like basil, so they stay shrubby vs. leggy.

BONUS TIP: Garden to Table-Scape

Put a new twist on dining alfresco by repurposing your plants as a centerpiece. Run your herb garden up the middle of your table or cluster them in the middle, then as guests sit down to eat, you can invite them to infuse their meals with fresh herbs!


Once you are reaping the delicious benefits of this simple garden, add these herbs to some new dishes from Debbie’s latest cookbook, Debbie Macomber’s Table

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